Is Kentucky Bluegrass the Same as Fescue


Tall Fescue will grow well in each sun or shade however grows best in moist environments. Walk around your property to observe where the Tall Fescue is targeted as this can be where you will be focusing your treatment.

Many manufacturers currently carry fescue grass mixes – compare labels and purchase the mix with the best percentage purity and germination ratings.  A good choice is "Cape Cod Mix" manufactured by the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association.  Also rummage around for seed mixes that embrace beneficial fungi known as endophytes, that naturally help management leaf-feeding insects like grubs.

Kentucky Bluegrass and Alternative Bluegrass Varieties Kentucky bluegrass is used additional widely than any alternative cool season lawn grass in the U.S. Learn why it is therefore popular and the way to plant, grow and care for it.

Laborious fescue features a grey/inexperienced color almost like buffalo grass. It prefers northern climates with drier soils. It is growing in popularity due to its ability to tolerate heat better than some other fine fescues.

The difference between Kentucky bluegrass vs tall fescue is the cost issue and appearance. Tall fescue needs concerning one lb of nitrogen fertilizer per one thousand sq. ft. while Kentucky bluegrass desires a minimum of 3 lb of nitrogen fertilizer.

Also, take a look at our Turf Box subscription program, where we tend to will send you the correct herbicides and disease control product for your lawn, when you need it, therefore you'll never forget a treatment. Learn a lot of here.

If you're planting grasses, legumes or clover to replenish nutrients, suppress weeds or a lot of, we recommend planting in early to mid fall. Let the grass grow till frost. Come back spring, mow before it goes to seed and then until the soil. Wait three-vi weeks before planting new crops.

Additionally to chill-climate - use, TT tall fescues excel within the transition zone where many other lawn grasses struggle. In this difficult grass growing zone — too hot for traditional cool-season grasses and too cold for many heat-season lawn grasses — versatile TT tall fescues deliver. With The Rebels® Brand Tall Fescue Blend, you relish durable, fine-textured lawns that rise up to heat and cold and maintain color through the growing season.

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Thank you for sending in your question. 1st of all, I actually have the deepest sympathy for anyone attempting to grow grass or any different plant for that matter during the long drought California is enduring. Of course it is arduous to say precisely what's happening along with your lawn while not actually seeing it, however I will provide you with some basic steps to follow.

Tall fescue may be a low-maintenance grass with a signature bunch-forming growth pattern that rarely requires dethatching. Fescue’s deep roots are efficient in drawing nutrients out of your soil, and hence, the grass typically requires less fertilizer than alternative cool-season grasses. To be told a lot of regarding fescue grass’ characteristics, growing patterns, and care, browse our guide to decide if it’s right for your yard.